Item: Thermaltake DuOrb Video Card Cooler for Desktop Gamer PC


Thermaltake Video Card Cooler

Condition: New in Packaging


The DuOrb is a large cooler that stands off the motherboard to clear surrounding components. The cooler also comes with a cable that is long enough to connect to any of the motherboard's built-in 3-pin connectors.

Feature Gamer Lighted Cooler

- Universal Design for nVIDIA & ATi VGA cards.

- Innovative Dual-Orb patented design.

- All copper structure:copper base & copper Fin provide maximum cooling performance.

- ScurveTM fan blade design and 6-LED lights.

- Maximum cooling efficiency for quietness.

Thermaltake Video Card Cooler

Detailed Feature
Universal Design for NVIDIA & ATI Graphic card
- Compatible for : nVIDIA 9600/8800/7900/7800/6800 Series VGA Card.
- Compatible for : ATi X1950/1900/1800/HD 3870 Series VGA Card.

Thermaltake Video Card Cooler


Ultimate cooling performance
- All copper construction:copper base & copper fin provided maximum cooling performance.
- 2 long length Heatpipe structure, removes heat from source via 2 different channels.
- Attached VGA memory & VRM chip heat-sinks provide the total thermal solution for VGA cooling.

Mirror copper base perfects contact between GPU and cooler.
Innovative DuOrb patented design
- ScurveTM fan blade design and 6-LED lights.
- Dual-pipe and heatsink design, bring you the whole new visual experience.
- Dual 80mm ultimate silent fan. Maximum cooling efficiency and quietness.

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