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2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504
Telephone: +1 (937) 718-3586

I don't drive. As a result, I no longer accept out-of-state repair orders since I'm not able to access shipping supplies and a U.S. Post Office.

As for past customers:
I'm retired but will not turn away a person in my community in a time of need so long as I am able.

The Computer Repair Guarantee LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM of the CUSTOMERS' RECEIPTS will remain in effect.

If any should find themselves to be in need, the repairs are under the epithet of having this as only a Hobby.

If the aforementioned is not agreeable to you, please visit Best Buy or consider the computer repair company on Home Road (both of which are not affiliated in any way to me).

Thanks for your understanding.

2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504 Product of USA
Telephone: +1 (937) 718-3586
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