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Computer Repair Reviews

1.) Robert Shaw
Great service and I will return for all my computer needs. Kenneth Hendrick is an outstanding person to do business with.
What a great asset to our community he is.

2.) Nathan Martin Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoNathan Martin
This guy knows literally any issue with your computer. Not only did he fix my build issues, he also gave me free screws/standoffs to help keep my PC maintained and actually walked me through how to keep things working! So I walked out with a working PC and more knowledge of the computer, how could that be a bad deal? 5/5 recommend.

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3.) Nick Holmes
Great experience, very helpful and informative. Great Warranties, will be using them again.

4.) Dylan Steiner
This guy knows what he's talking about and is very fair with his prices. Very friendly guy. I would recommend anyone to go to him for computer repairs.

Woodrow Corporation
5.) John Woodrow
Kenny has always done a great job for me! He is extremely knowledgeable, fast and fair. I reccomend him to my friends.

6.) Dean "Satchmo" Simms Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoDean Simms
I highly recommend Springfield Computer Repair, and I am thoroughly satisfied with the work!
Totally professional and repairs are done in a timely manner. You can't go wrong with him. He is among the best in the business!!

7.) Cecil and Lime Cafe Review of Springfield Computer RepairMicah Berner
Techno-genius, yet still capable of interacting kindly with those of us who dwell in the realm of computer-tech mediocrity (or worse)...a rare combination! Sincere service and very fair prices, much appreciated. Thanks Kenny!

8.) Margaret Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoMargaret B.
I am extremely pleased with all the work that kenny performed on my computers. I am a senior citizen and have had computers for many years and have brought them in for repair at several repair shops including the dealers and have never been satisfied with their work or the length of time it took for someone to even look at my computer. I brought my computer to Kenny and he not only diagnosed the problem but fixed my computer in a very timely manner and he even rebuilt an outdated, unworkable computer I had. My computers are now virus free and speedy. Thank you Thank you and yes I would and have recommended Ken to others.
{* Thanks for the review Mom!}

9.) Vickie Murph Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoVickie Murph
I have been using Kenny's sevice since July 2013. I heard about it from some of my friends in the neighborhood. I found that the service was quick, the repair was excellent and the price was reasonable. My HP Notebook is faster both on and off line. Professional, honest, and very up to date with computers; which is why I followed him from the old location on N. Limestone to 2803 Troy Road on State Route 41. I will recommend Kenny to friends and family.

10.) Richi
Those laptops you sold me work great, especially the 1 that was beeping. Got it going, has windows 7.
Great to do buisness with you as always.

11.) Doug
Thanks so much Kenny. You're the best!

12.) Chebrya Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoChebrya Jeffrey
I've saved money and more than a few lost files at Springfield Computer Repair. Kenny is just all-around-great at what he does. I would recommend this place to any and everyone, without hesitation.

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13.) Kim Doukas Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoKim Doukas
Anytime I need a new computer or in need of computer repair, Kenny is my first choice. I always feel he should have a coffee shop with his computer repairs because he is very interesting to talk to and comical and you tend to want to hang around and have a good conversation or debate with. He is extremely knowledgeable about computers and most of the time he already knows what the problem is just by what I tell him and is able to fix the problem quickly. Kenny is extremely reasonable and he seems to have everything I ever need including cords, mouses, adapters, etc. I highly recommend him

14.) Russell Contracting
Ramon Russell Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoRamon Russell
Did a great job on my laptop and pc look forward to kenny doing work for me in the future.

15.) Tony Nigro Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoTony Nigro
My sister let Geek Squid in my computer and they did nothing right. How much would it cost me to send my laptop to you to fix all and put your arnick deal on me?  Boot Geek out, the only one I trust is you and yes I have been telling all to go to you if they want the best.  I thank you, my friend.  If you can speed this thing up.  I hope others from all over have told you I sent them to you.  God bless.  Also want to make sure computer is working right, I do not know what they did but I know who the best is.

16.) Doug Cannon
Very good service. Traded in an old computer + up and running. And a people person. This is where I'll go from now on.

17.) Alyssa Costanzo Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoAlyssa Costanzo
It's very rare that I can trust someone with my computer. I use it every single day for my business and I know if something needs repair or updating, I can bring it in and know that I am getting great service with someone who knows what they are doing. The owner is pleasant to speak with and very knowledgeable with technology. I always recommend my friends and family to use his service.

18.) Mickey Affrunti Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoMickey Affrunti
This man put the k in knowledge when it comes to computers. He knows them inside out and can tell you what's wrong within seconds of seeing your machine, and he is great at lessons. I can now swap out my own hard drives and memory. This gentleman loves to barter and has great prices.

19.) Ron Slaughter
This guy is hands on. He is the only one I will even let touch my computer. I love his services. I have been his customer for years. Thanks ken

20.) MWMB Springfield Computer Repair ReviewMWMB
Great experience, very helpful and informative. Great warranties, will be using them again.

21.) Adrian Cervantes Springfield Computer Repair ReviewAdrian Cervantes
I always feel comfortable going here with my computer as I always receive excellent service and I'm never overcharged. I would recommend sending your computer if you want great customer service and knowledgeable hands on your computer!

22.) Jocelyn Springfield Computer Repair reviewJocelyn Gaynor
Great service!! Very knowledgeable. Computer and technology genius. I highly recommend him.

23.) Andrew Wolf Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoAndrew Wolf
Excellent service! He solved a networking problem that made my life much easier!

24.) Sheryl from Urbana
Quick Repair explanation I was very happy with the quick diagnosis and repair of 2 of our computers. It has always taken days to find out what the issues were anywhere else I have taken computers. Kenny is very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I would difinitely recommend.

25.) Justin LeValley Springfield Computer Repair Review PhotoJustin LeValley
Great job i can actually trust someone with my computer also the best computer repairs i've seen.

26.) Kenneth Martin Springfield Computer Parts Repair Review PhotoKenneth Martin
Fixed bent Alienware R3 Fan Pin. Now I can game without overheating.

27.) Billy Brown
He hooked me up thought I was going to buy new laptop couple hours later bamm up and running ... Year age and still working great thanks Kenny. Bill Brown

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2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504 Product of USA
Telephone: +1 (937) 718-3586
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